Time and Self-Management
Lecturer: Dr. Julia Späth

Deadline: 04.09.2018

Target Group: International PhD candidates and Postdocs

The objective of the workshop is to optimize individual Time and Self-Management during and after PhD-phase. The participants will reflect on their personal work procedures, stress levels, and self-management techniques. They will identify daily disturbances and develop counteraction procedures that enable an efficient achievement of personal goals. Brief tutorials inform about time management strategies and how to apply them. The overall focus of the workshop is on the improvement of a current work situation. The participants obtain methodological competence to design their personal time management, which can also be applied in new situations in the future.

- Self-management rules
- Strengths and weaknesses of personal work habits
- Counteracting disturbances
- Setting goals and milestones
- Priorities and the cognition of essentials

About the lecturer:
Dr. Julia Späth is a Professor in Human Resources Management at Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences.
After her studies in business education she has completed her PhD in political economics.
Since 2008 she is the head of the company Fit4Trust Consulting and carries out counselling for project teams, governing bodies and managers in economic, scientific and educational fields.
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